Quail Valley Foals
Our goal in breeding Tennessee Walking Horses is to produce a tall, stocky, naturally gaited "using" horse. From rail to trail, field trial to farm- we want a horse that can do it all! All our foals are trained to lead, load, stand tied, and pick up their feet. We socialize our babies and start their training from birth, imprinting them for life

Please click on foal's name for more information. To be placed on our New Foal Arrival list, please contact us by email!

2022 Foals

Lyra x John Wayne
Due Spring 2024!
Palmino/Buckskin and Roan/Tobiano
Will be available at birth

Rain x John Wayne
Due Fall 2024! Guaranteed Buckskin

2022 Foals
Rain x John Wayne
Rose' x JJ

2021 Foals
Silver x They Call Me Frank- Blue Roan Filly
BB x My Blue Star- Blue Roan Spotted Filly
Trouble x JJ- Buckskin Spotted Colt
Frankie x John Wayne- Buckskin Roan Filly

2020 Foals
Diamond x John Wayne- Buckskin Tobiano Filly
Rain x John Wayne- Solid Buckskin Colt
Rumor x John Wayne- Palomino Colt

2019 Foals
The Grace Starts Here- Buckskin Filly (SOLD)
Rawligas Midnight Moon- Palomino Tobiano Colt
Copied In The Rain- Buckskin Filly
She's Outta Line 7HF- Palomino Filly (SOLD)
Jose's Memory Maker- Buckskin Colt (SOLD)
Splash Of Commanche- Palomino Colt
Bold Ivory Mist- Buckskin Colt

The Trouble With Men- Blue Roan Tobiano Filly
Generator's Mount Laurel- Blue Roan Colt
Ted's Hot Lady- Due Fall 19
Scarlet Starfyre- Due Fall 19

2018 Expected Foals

DMF's John Wayne

Rawligas Midnight Moon
Palomino Spotted Filly

Splash of Commanche
Palomino Spotted Colt
SOLD! Thank you to John and Jody of MN!

The Grace Starts Here
Buckskin Colt

Bold Ivory Mist
Buttermilk Buckskin Colt
Not for Sale at this time

Sunday Knight Gen
Palomino Colt

Generator's Mt Laurel
Buckskin Filly
 SOLD! Congrats to Debbie of Montana!

Baby Blue Carbon
Maxxi Diamond Rock

Iron's Lady Matiah
Bay/Grey Colt
SOLD! Congrats to the Hausers of IA!

Stuntman's Bleau Majic
Walker's Blue Lady
Blue Roan Tobiano
SOLD! Congrats to Sandra of LA!

Go Boy's Texas Gunslinger
The Trouble With Men
Black and White Tobiano Colt

Hawk's Recall Man
Dusty's April Gold
Grey Colt

2017 Expected Foals
Spring Foals

Bold Ivory Mist x Gold Edition's Dusty
BIG Smokey Black Filly
Estimated to be 17 hands
SOLD! Congrats to the Henager's of OK!

2016 Foals

April foaled a beautiful leggy black or smokey black filly on March 31st!

Mariah foaled a gorgeous buckskin colt on May 6th!
SOLD! Congrats to Rodney of Texas!

Maxamillion's Thunder God & Gen's Black Ivory River

Arrow's Touch of Gold
SOLD! Congrats to Jill of AR

Allante's Stormin Bandit
SOLD Congratulations to Jill of AR!

Arrow's Serenade of Gold
SOLD! Congrats to Christy of MO

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