2015 FoalMaxamillion\'s Thunder GodSpurs MaxamillionSpurs Cool WhipGolden SpurRock and Roll Mason
Ginger Girl AM
Yenta\'s Golden GirlSpotted Alen Again
Moon Ladys Yenta
Sedona GoldHoney BuckDandy Copy
Golden Pixie
Who\'s That GirlMarshall Dillion
Suns Mountain Sugar
Lady DominoGator BaitRock A Billy BoyOld Thunder
Sue Winston
Shadows Fancy OlaShadows Mr Archer
Setting Suns Gay Ola
The Super ShineThe Super StockScat Man MC
May Allen Girl
Lady ShineBums Excaliber
Let it Shine
Major\'s Precious FlirtMajor\'s Flashy SonGo Boys Major MovesMelodys Knight RiderMelodys Go Boy
Lady Eldorado B
Grants Flashy NightShadows Spotted Alen
Stone Miniskirt
GinaBay Boy Roan Allen 
Butter Cups Lady RMidges Bay Boy
Mayflowers Lady
Smooth Rock N GinRocks Merry MakerRocks PrideInsignias Rock and Roll
Shady Lane Lady J
The CamaroSon of Belaire
Black Wave
Anns Merry AllenHenleys LightningHenleys Silver Allen
A Lady Chance
Crocketts Roan LadyMerry Boys F-88
Lady Easter Crockett
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